Aprile 2024

AI & computer GO

ZBaduk – ZBaduk is an online tool which lets you review and analyze your Baduk games using AI.

Leela Zero and neural networks – Go engine with no human-provided knowledge, modeled after the AlphaGo Zero paper.

Katago – is a strong open-source self-play-trained Go engine.

SAI – a Sensible Artificial Intelligence that plays Go.

Katrain – is a tool for analyzing games and playing go with AI feedback from KataGo.

Leela – is a strong Go playing program combining advances in Go programming and further original research into a small, easy to use graphical interface.

Study With KataGo – This is the OpenCL version of KataGo 1.9.1 running on 12 threads on an NVIDIA RTX 2080.

Pachi – a simple modular framework for programs playing the game of Go/Weiqi/Baduk, and a reasonably strong engine built within this framework.

AmiGoGtp – AmiGoGtp is a version of the AmiGo Go program with a GTP (Go Text Protocol) interface added.

Computer Go su Sensei’s Library.

Computer Go su GoBase.org.

Computer Go information – This site is for information about Computer Go, and programs that play Go.

Crazy Stone – Crazy Stone is a top-level program that plays the game of Go.

Moyoman – an open-source Go playing program written in Java.

Fuego – a collection of C++ libraries for developing software for the game of Go. It includes a Go player using Monte-Carlo tree search.

INDIGO – The Go playing program.

The basilisk go server (GitHub zpmorgan)

Go Review Partner – A tool to help analyse and review your game of go (weiqi, baduk) using strong bots.

Go Review Partner Documentation

Mark Boon’s Tesuji Go Library (download zip o tar.gz) – written in Java

Tesuji Software Go Library – java library with general purpose modules for a Go playing program.